In the Change Lab, we ask questions about how people learn, and how to improve it.

Our research focuses broadly on human learning, using experimental methods and the data from digital environments where contemporary learning occurs.  Our primary focus is on the cognitive mechanisms involved in learning and knowing, but no person is an island.  We also focus on the social and behavioral contexts that moderate cognitive learning processes, and study how change along these dimensions affects learning outcomes.  Our lab’s name is short for Contextual beHavior, leArNing, and knowledGE Lab, if you're into acromanteaus.  For more about our work, visit What We Do.

Change Lab is in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, within the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington.  Ben Motz is the lab’s director.  We are also affiliated with the Cognitive Science Program and collaborate with IU’s eLearning Research and Practice Lab.

Our Values

We value diversity and work to create an inclusive environment where people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences can thrive. We encourage members of the Change Lab to seek out opportunities to learn from those with perspectives different from their own. We value constructive feedback. We become enchanted by what we don’t know.

Our work is responsible and purpose-driven. We aim to answer questions and solve problems that are relevant to human lives. We try to scale and extend experimental research practices to people and settings that have historically been marginalized in the study of learning and behavior. We value transparency and methodological rigor.